Case Study Explore New Concepts For Repair Booking App
  • Position

    UX/UI Design Consultant

  • Expertise

    Design, Interaction, Research, Prototyping

  • Platform

    Web, Responsive


How I Helped Design and Prototype a Concept for Booking Appliance Repairs Online for Domestic & General

For over hundred years, Domestic & General have been a trusted provider of aftercare for millions of domestic appliances.They are the UK’s leading provider of appliance breakdown protection, developing products and services to meet various customer needs.

Gofix is an upcoming app for easy and convenient booking appliance repairs online.

It aims to solve a very specific problem - broken appliances, a problematic situation that is often frustrating and almost always happens when we least expect it. That’s why it is important to keep the app very simple and easy to navigate without menus and buttons.

Complete Case Study Coming Soon