Case Study How I Helped Some of the World's Leading Brands Understand Their Social Impact
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    Lead UX/UI Designer & Engineer

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    Design, Interaction, Front-end, Planning

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    Web, Responsive

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Using Data to Achieve Transformational Results

Tickr provides a holistic real-time overview of brand health across multiple channels, coupled with peer and competitor brand health metrics. Their SaaS platform gives agencies the ability to unify client data into a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision-making, and real-time control over PR, marketing and advertising performance.

While consulting for Ticker, as part of a completely remote team, I helped build up web apps for numerous big clients like Coca Cola, Marriott, Johnson Controls, Novartis and many more using Tickr’s AI. Those web apps helped improve clients' marketing by unifying all data into one simple, cloud-based UI: marketing, enterprise metrics, social, CRM and finance, all on one screen, in real time.

Brand Health Tracking

Each of Tickr's clients had an in-house marketing team responsible for running campaigns, publishing news and managing social media. As it is fairly easy to get lost tracking everything in real time, especially during campaigns, understanding the impact and performance became crucial for Tickr's success. They needed to measure and manage media-based crisis events across all sources, in order to provide timely and effective responses.The apps I worked on filled a gap by ingesting and analyzing millions of news stories and social media posts in real-time, custom-ranking them by reach, mentions, trust, velocity, and sentiment.

Based on that we gathered data from different sources and used a variety of customized data visualizations to help them understand their social presence.

Advanced Media Analysis

The process was simple and effective. We already had an AI gathering and sorting of data in place, so it was a matter of utilizing its output.

The work process usually started by getting requirements for the metrics and sources we needed to use. Working alongside a team of talented front and back-end engineers, I was able to create overviews and data visualizations to show each metric.

The goal was to empower Tickr's clients' in-house marketing departments, so they can better understand the social impact they create, track their campaigns and find ways to increase their reach. We often created customized versions that were able to run on multiple large displays at the same time, being able to cover as much data as possible.

Driving Engagement and Brand Growth

The built apps provided faster insights and better decisions for the clients. Having the option to track data in real-time increased their teams' effectiveness to a great extent. One of the apps, for Marriott in particular, was even displayed at the Times Square as part of a marketing campaign by their marketing team.